Community Event for April

Meet at Jason and Rachel de Vries’ house on Saturday 23th, 7.30pm-10pm.
2 Bronte Way, Rolleston

We will be displaying the Greeat Ball Contraption (GBC) that was displayed at The Southland Brick Show being held this weekend.
If you don’t know what a GBC is type LEGO GBC on

Come along and talk us about The Christchurch Brick Show 2016 which is happening 16th and 17 July

May Market Day. LUG 4/2 May community event 15 May to be held at Rangiora Leigh Motor camp Hall. Bring whatever Lego you want to sell or trade, or request items you need to see if anyone has it to bring along. Please advise before the event how much space you require for sales. Tables will be provided. Sell or trade, auction on the day if you wish. Setup for sellers from 10am, open for buyers from 11am. Bring a plate to share if you get hungry, a BBQ will be available for use or if someone wants to operate it.

Any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Jason de Vries
LUG4/2 Community Manager

Upcoming Lego Shows for 2016

Hello all

For those of you interesting in taking part in or at least coming a Lego Exhibition in New Zealand this year.

I would like to encourage all of you to get involved with your local community. Get to know other AFOLS around you, this way you can help out with parts and advice and all things LEGO.

Here are the Dates for the 8 Major shows in New Zealand this year!

The Southland Brick Show, 16 and 17 April, Ascot Part, Invercargil

The Hamilton Brick Show, 23 and 24 April, Hamilton Boys High, Hamilton

The Palmerston North Brick Show, 21 and 22 May, Barber Hall, Waldergrave Street, Palmerston North

The Christchurch Brick Show, 16 and 17 July, Horncastle Arena, Christchurch

The Dunedin Brick Show, 1 and 2 October, Edgar Centre, Dunedin

Brick Con NZ, 8 and 9 October, Expressions Art Center Recreation Hall, Upper Hutt, Wellington

The Auckland Brick Show, 22 23 and 24 October, Trusts Arena West Auckland, 65-67 Central Park Drive, Auckland

The Nelson Brick Show, 12 and 13 November, St Josephs School Hall, Manuka St, Nelson

These are all fantastic family friendly events that cater to all things LEGO

Christchurch Community Event for March

Meet at The Imagination Station on Saturday 19th, 7.30pm-10pm.
Cathedral Junction, 3/113 Worcester St, Christchurch Central

A beginners Guide to using Bricklink

Paul Critcher will present a beginners guide to using

This a very helpful site for purchasing various amounts of LEGO to suit the needs of whatever it is that you are building or need some parts to complete a set. You can also buy complete sets that are in stores now or that older set that you may have always wanted.

Come along and talk us about The Christchurch Brick Show 2016 which is happening 16th and 17 July

The April event will be on Saturday 23rd. This will be a Great Ball Contraption (GBC) display, If you don’t know what a GBC is type LEGO GBC on youtube.

The May event will be a Buy Sell Swap. More details will follow about this

Any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Jason de Vries
LUG4/2 Community Manager

The Christchurch Brick Show 2016 Registrations are now open!!!

Do you want to be involved in The Christchurch Brick Show this year? Registrations are now open!!!
As an exhibitor you will have access to an exclusive set only available with registration, have a chance to attend some workshops during the show, and attend an exciting dinner with awards, challenges, guest speaker and more.

Christchurch Community Event for February

Christchurch Community Event for February
Meet at The Imagination Station on Saturday 20th, 7pm-10pm.
Cathedral Junction, 3/113 Worcester St, Christchurch Central

There will be two events running at the same time!

1. A beginners Guide to LEGO Mindstorms

Andrew and Avery Dean will present a beginners guide to Mindstorms. Showing us how to start and what you can do with this amazing technology.
Micheal Redepenning will also be on hand to troubleshoot any issues that you have with your own Mindstorms projects.

2. We have available 5x set 70010 (The Lion CHI Temple). Total cost to spread across all those participating is $550. This set has 1302 pieces in it, so we have a great 6510 pieces to split up!!
Buy in will vary depending on the number participating. (For Example with 5 people participating buy in will be $100, if 10 people were to participate buy is will be $55).

How it the Brickdraft works:
Register your attendance by emailing me.
Turn up on the night and join in. An invoice will be sent to you after the event by Gerald Lim.
Bring along a suitable bag or container to store your selected pieces.
Each person takes a turn selecting pieces from the selection. The number selected increases each turn. More details on this will be explained in detail on the night.

As we have two events running you need to choose which ones you would like to join in with. Not both.
As always you are welcome to come along and watch the Brickdraft or see how LEGO Mindstorms works.

Also information about The Christchurch Brick Show 2016 will be coming out very soon, so stay tuned of this!

Any questions please contact me. and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Kind regards
Jason de Vries
LUG4/2 Community Manager

LUG Special Meeting

To All LUG 4/2 members,

On Monday 1/02/2016, LUG 4/2 will be hosting a special meeting to review our current rules and regulations.
We as your current committee would really appreciate your input in this and would like to take this opportunity to find out your opinions, future wishes, and ideas for the LUG.
The meeting is to be held at the Imagination Station in Christchurch at 7.30 pm.
We aware that as a national LUG, many of our members may be unable to physically attend.
To cater for this we will have skype capabilities (more information around this will be released the week prior to the meeting) for those of you that wish to participate.
For those members who do not wish to skype in we encourage you to send in your ideas, comments, constructive criticism through to the committee.


Sammy Griffin
Secretary LUG4/2

Christchurch Community Event for January

Meet at Deans Bush, Riccarton. This Sunday 24th, 2pm-4pm.

1. Food/drink to share picnic style.
2. Your ideas on what you would like to see and do this year as part of our community.
3. If you have a LEGO build you have been working on you are more than welcome to bring to share, we all love new ideas!
If wet met in cafe in Deans Bush Cafe.

See you there!

Christchurch Brick show 2016 Show Set

Hello All

The time has come to design the 2016 Christchurch Brick Show Limited Edition Set
Simply design a model that is relevant to the Christchurch Brick Show. This means something related to Christchurch, Greater Canterbury or the South Island.
Typically such a model will be made of 50-100 parts, however this is not too important. Price is what matters. Aim for a Bricklink/Pick a Brick parts cost of under $10 per set.

Your set could be much smaller than $10 in parts and be aimed at a lower price bracket (sets will be sold for $10 -$25).
All entries must have research done into the cost of the set and be submitted with the entry.
If using Bricklink, there must be sufficient quantities available to make 500 hundred sets at this price.
If you are not sure about how to work Lego Pick A Brick on or or how to cost up a set. I’m sure there will be someone willing to help you – just ask around.
Time to put your thinking caps on, as your time starts now!
Entries close Midnight 30th November NZ time.
Please Submit entries and research to

• The Winning designer will receive set number 001 and would be preferred that they attend the show in order to sign sets.
• The chosen model may differ from the original design.
• Any build that is under a copyright will disqualified unless builder gains prior written approval from copyright holder. eg. The Buzzy Bee
• The CBS2016 decision is final.

Christchurch Brick Show 2015 Winners

Hello all,

Here is a list of all the winners announced from Saturday’s AFOL event evening.

1st in show: Chris Yee – Balrog

2nd in show: Tamsin Rees & Ivan Mackintosh – Bridge of Remembrance

3rd in show: Hannah and Gavin Evans – Edoras

Public Choice: Faass Family – Ship

AFOL choice: Pieter Dennison – Dunedin Train Station

Model most likely to kill a Minifig: James Thorne – Trojan Dog

Model most likely to have your eye out: GBC Collaborative – GBC

How did you build that Award: David Hensel – Druids Hut

Girls are better than boys: Amelia de Vries – Golden cup factory

Engineer of the future: Brian Cook – Wild Karrde (Star Wars)

Living in the past Award: Sam Butcher – Texaco tanker

Young Builder: Orlando Hay – Series of creations

Henrik Andersen Award for Most Cheese Slopes Used: Christchurch Cathedral Spire – Mark Dower

Newcomer Award: Oscar and Chester – series of creations

Model most likely to have you sing “Let it go”: David Hensel – Stargazer

Best Fantasy: Kelly Thorndycroft – Wizard of Oz

Best Dangerous Vehicle: Bex Betman – Mad Max/ Zombie apocalypse

Best Collaboration: Moonbase 42

The AFOL event was a blast and the series of questions researched by Sammy Griffin had everyone scratching their heads to find the answers. But there could be only one winner. Congratulations to Team OCD for winning the quiz night.


Onto Sunday for the last day of the show!

Social Event this Saturday 20th June 2015

Hello All

The next LUG Social Event will have a tree theme.

When: This Saturday 20th June, 7:30pm-9:30pm.
Where: 2 Bronte Way, Rolleston.

If you are involved with The Christchurch Brick Show you may be aware that there is a collaborative tree scene planned. So to help this display build a tree and bring it along on Saturday (or provide a picture) OR bring some parts to build one on the night.
There will be awards for trees built – Biggest, most unique and craziest tree. If you are out of town, email through your contribution to

There will be some fun activities on the night. Please bring drinks and nibbles to share.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Early in July we will release the dates and activities through until January 2016.