First Lug event for the year

Hello All
When: Saturday 21st January, 2:00pm-5:00pm.
Where: 11 Delamare Way, Rolleston.

We are building all things trains, as we have lots of train related bags in one of our boxes from LEGO

Please bring along a moc or set you have built over the holidays and bring drinks and nibbles to share.

Have a good think about some ideas that you would like to see us do this year so we can put together a calendar of events for the next twelve months.

Oh and don’t forget about designing this years Christchurch Brick Show Set.

Design the 2017 Christchurch Brick Show set

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday!

If you have any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Jason de Vries

Design the 2017 Christchurch Brick Show set

Hello All

The time has come to design the 2017 Christchurch Brick Show Limited Edition Set
Simply design a model that is relevant to the Christchurch Brick Show. This means something related to New Zealand.

Typically such a model will be made of 50-100 parts, however this is not too important. Price is what matters. Aim for a Bricklink parts cost of under $10 per set.

Your set could be much smaller than $10 in parts and be aimed at a lower price bracket (sets will be sold for $10 -$25).
All entries must have research done into the cost of the set and be submitted with the entry.

We will be ordering the parts using Bricklink, there must be sufficient quantities available to make 500 hundred sets at this price.
If you are not sure about how to work or how to cost up a set. I’m sure there will be someone willing to help you – just ask around.

Time to put your thinking caps on, as your time starts now!

Entries close Midnight 31st January.
Please Submit entries and research to

• The Winning designer will receive set number 001
• The chosen model may differ from the original design.
• Any build that is under a copyright will disqualified unless builder gains prior written approval from copyright holder. eg. The Buzzy Bee
• The LUG4/2 decision is final.

The attached picture is of the last four show sets


On behalf of LUG4/2 I wish you a safe and merry Christmas.

Kind regards

Jason de Vries

November LUG Event

Hello All

This is the last LUG Social Event for this year!

When: This Saturday 26th November, 7:30pm-11:00pm.
Where: 2 Bronte Way, Rolleston.

We are building as a group a Creator Brick Bank Modular……
and someone will be taking it home with them.

Please let us know if you intend to come so we can have more than one Brick Bank to build if required.

Please bring along a Christmas themed build and bring drinks and nibbles to share.
We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

If you have any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards

Jason de Vries

LUG4/2 Community Manager


September Community Event

Hello All

We have a community event happening this weekend on Saturday 24th September 7.30pm this will be at the Griffin’s House. 12 Lynfield Ave, Avonhead

This month I challenge you to bring an example of Spring.
Your creation must fit inside a 6×6 plate.

As usual there will be challenges and prizes, and no one goes home empty handed!

Please bring along some nibbles or drink to share.

Any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards

Jason de Vries

LUG4/2 Community Manager

LUG 4/2 AGM this Monday 5th September 7.30pm

Hi Members,
Here is a link to the clubs 2016 AGM agenda!AurLZx1WE3PIoRKKxZG_QQsCPOnn
Which is to be held at the Imagination Station, Christchurch Monday 5th September 7.30 pm
Also below is a link to the clubs first annual report, please have a read through this before the AGM, so that we can make the meeting as quick and painless as possible. Sections to note are
Future options for the LUG pg. 17
Implementation of paid membership pg. 20!AurLZx1WE3PIoQWFQQsBbfKZy2TL
Nominees to date for BUG 4/2 Incorporated (the legal entity behind LUG 4/2)

• Mark Griffin (our current chairperson)-
Please accept my candidacy for the above position of Chairman at the 2016 AGM.
I am the current Chairman since September last year. During this time, I have provided a high level of business and guidance to help the trust overcome the issues it was facing. We now have a more structured organisation that is looking towards a more inclusive future.
My background, apart from being a fan of all things Lego, is one in the IT industry where I have held rolls in senior/executive management levels, within New Zealand and internationally. It is this management background that allows me to help the BUG to build a more sustainable organisation.
My vision for the Lego community, now we are starting to get a more managed society, is to help direct it into more community based activities such as large builds that could be displayed at shows. I am also keen to assist parts of our community further afield in New Zealand get their local communities running and their own shows underway.
Top of my list for the next year is to get the Christchurch show into a more sustainable position. It has been the leading show in New Zealand and is a real success from a people perspective, but is still struggling financially.
Deputy Chair:

Nominees or expressions of interest needed


Nominees or expressions of interest needed

• Jason de Vries (our current community officer)
I am passionate about sharing my love of Lego and enhancing the local community.
I have been running the community events for the last year and a half.

Nominees or expressions of interest needed

Lego Ambassador:
• C.J.
Description pending
• Jason de Vries
Refer to the description under Community

Please note that nominations will be called for on the evening, but if you wish to vote in absentia for any of the candidates or on any of the issues mentioned in the annual report fell free to email your responses to 7.30 pm 5/9/16


Sammy Griffin
Secretary LUG 4/2


Greetings members,

As some of you are already aware the clubs AGM is coming up. The AGM will be held at the Imagination Station, Cathedral Junction, Christchurch on the 5th September at 7.30 pm.

For those of you that do not reside within the Canterbury region there will be the option to have your say prior to the AGM, by either contacting the club at or you are more than welcome to skype in. If you wish to skype in, please email the club at so that we can get everything sorted.

At the AGM we will be presenting the clubs annual report, our charitable output for the year, discussing the future of the club, and of course electing a new committee.

The LUG committee consists of the following roles:

Chairman/President – the big man

Deputy Chair/President – the big mans sidekick, and overseer of our charitable projects

Finance officer (CFO) – the person that pays the bills and deals with the money

Community officer – the person responsible for organising fun activities and allocating LUG support

Lego Ambassador – Lego’s first point of contact and writer of reports

Secretary – recorder of events and keeper of files

All of the roles will be up for election. Please note that none of these positions require you to be in Christchurch.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of each position please read our rules and regulations through the link below.!AurLZx1WE3PImW7ia6ix9HY2I3ZI

If you are interested in any or all these roles please send through an intention to stand to, which role/s that you are interested in and a short paragraph about why you should be elected to by the 20th August. These will be distributed with the official agenda a week before the AGM.

And finally for those wondering what the clubs charitable mandate is please refer to our charitable mandate!AurLZx1WE3PImW2XH1gfZYqym3Ca


Sammy Griffin

Secretary LUG 4/2

June social event, Community build at Pauls place

Hello LEGO fans,

The next LUG social event is on Sunday 12 June, 3pm onwards. Turn up when it suits you.
This will be held at Paul Critcher’s place, Rangiora Leigh Holiday Park hall. 433 Dixons rd.

This is for a Community build of a of a river scene for display at The Christchurch Brick Show using Paul’s collection to work from.
We are hoping to have as many turn up as possible. We need river, tree and waterways designers and landscapers.
So put on your ideas hats and come and show us what you can do. Hope to see you all here

Please bring a plate of food for dinner if you stay that long and a BBQ will be available from 5pm
Kids and families are welcome

The picture in the attachment shows Paul Critcher’s place, north of Rangiora

pauls place

Brickdraft Saturday 21st May 7.30pm



Hello All

Brickdraft is on again for Saturday 21st May 7.30pm

Location will be at Mark and Cathy Griffins house, 12 Lynfield ave, Ilam.

What is a Brickdraft you may be asking?

Here is how it works…

We have available 5x set 70725 Nindroid MechDragon. This set has 714 pieces including 5 minifigs

A list of all the parts can be found here.

We are going to do this a little different this time,

We will decide how many sets that we will draft out on the night depending on how many people come along.

This set is being drafted at $65 each, The total cost to spread across all those participating to a maximum of $325.00

Buy in will vary depending on the number participating and how many sets we chose to open.

To Start:

All boxes are opened and loosely sorted on the table and minifigs are assembled as per the manual each holding one accessory.

A dice is rolled to find the order of selecting. The minifigs are distributed first, If a participant chooses not to take a minifig they may then choose 5 pieces from the table instead.

Next, each participant has a turn taking pieces from the selection. The number of pieces you take increases each turn.

1 piece first round. 2 pieces second round. And so on, until we get to 20 pieces. Then we jump in lots of 5

Any additional rules will be decided on the night if all are in agreement.

If you are outside of Christchurch you are welcome to have someone who is in Christchurch to participate in your place.

How to take part:

Register your attendance by contacting Jason de Vries

Turn up on the night and join in.

An invoice will be sent to you after the event.

Bring along a suitable bag or container to store your parts. An ice cream container works well!

Please bring drinks or nibbles to share.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

Kind Regards

Jason de Vries


May Market Day.

LUG 4/2 May community event Sunday 15 May to be held at Paul Critchers place, Rangiora Leigh Motor camp Hall, 433 Dixons Rd.

Bring whatever Lego you want to sell or trade, or request items you need to see if anyone has it to bring along.

Please contact paul at if you would like to sell, and how much space you require. Tables will be provided.

Sell or trade, auction on the day if you wish.

Setup for sellers from 10am, open for buyers from 11am. Bring a plate to share if you get hungry, a BBQ will be available for use or if someone wants to operate it.

We are also having our next Brickdraft on Sat 21 May what we will draft will depend on those that show up on the day, more info to follow on this.

Any questions or would like to host one of our monthly events. Please contact me. and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Jason de Vries
LUG4/2 Community Manager
pauls place