This is a time lapse movie of the show I took until the battery of the camera ran out. Note to self, next time use the main power.


One Response to Time Lapse Movie Of The Show

  1. paul says:

    Hi Christoph. I havent actually looked at the videos as my data cap is approaching fast so maybe next month. It was good to see the show went well, pity I didnt know I was going to be able to attend previous. Was good to catch up with a few there anyway.
    I am leaving my job next week so hopefully will have a better organised job when next years show comes around. It was a shame to miss participating in the last couple of events due to work.
    I have plans already for my Mars Mission base and Dino series for next year with my Mod and MOC technic models. It would be good if we can further Jasons display and try to cover as many of the official technic models as possible, one way we could organise it would be to use the rebrickable website and add a setlist for the show and then add sets we can display, just one possibility, we have a bit of time to work it out.

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