Announcing: National LUG MOC Challenge 2013!‏

It’s my pleasure to announce LUG4/2’s first official NZ wide MOC competition!

Your challenge is to design your own creation – but  you may only use the pieces from LEGO set 31006 Highway Speedster, plus ONE other Lego part of your choice.

Build, photograph then submit your entry online by midnight 30 November.
Fantastic prizes up for grabs:
  • 1st place: Horizon Express (RRP $199.99)
  • 2nd place: Museum Break In (RRP $109 .99)
Independent celebrity judging by Brickman, Ryan McNaught (Australasia’s only Certified LEGO Professional). He will be looking for ‘Creativity, interesting parts use and aesthetics.’
Anybody in NZ is welcome to enter, please see the competition rules below and get to it!
  • You can build anything you want, but your creation must be your OWN design and be made from only the parts from LEGO set 31006 Highway Speedster, with the exception that you may use one other LEGO piece in your creation.
  • Entrants must upload one photo of their creation. Entries should be uploaded to flickr and shared to the LUG 4/2 group page. If you’re not able to upload your entry to flickr you may email your photo entry to
  • Entrants must create a reply on the competition page on the LUG website with the name of their creation, a description of up to 100 words and a link to their flickr image (if applicable). The entry page will be open as of November 1.
  • Entries close at midnight 30 November
  • Entrants must have a residential address in New Zealand. Prizes will be posted free of charge
  • The winners will be determined by Ryan McNaught, his decision is final
  • All entrants must have fun… play well
Additional notes:
  • 31006 Highway Speedster has 286 pieces and is available with a normal RRP of $39.99. Kmart has these for $30. James Thorne got 9 of these spare that he picked up for $32 each from The Warehouse a few weeks ago for any people in Christchurch that are interested
  • You can bring your creation to the Christchurch Brick Show next year to display alongside the other 31006 MOCs on our collaboration project table
  • Tell all your friends – Anyone in New Zealand is free to enter!

Any questions, just ask them below!

6 thoughts on “Announcing: National LUG MOC Challenge 2013!‏”

  1. My son is only 5 and is in the middle of building his creation, but doesn’t want to use all the pieces. Do you have to use every piece in the set, or could you use say 2/3 of them etc????? He has only used 1 piece from another set so that is not an issue. Would appreciate your reply :)

      1. Thank you very much. That might stop a few arguments happening with us trying to force him to have to use them all up lol!

  2. Great idea to display entries at the Brick Show next year. Perhaps you could find another prize for a people’s choice award judged by visitors of the Brick Show. This may also serve as an incentive for builders to bring their competition entries along.

  3. It would appear that the entrants so far have not just uploaded one photo to flickr, most have severl and even a video. Is this ok? I have done something that could really do with more than one photo but I also want to stick within the rules of the comp.

    1. Yep that’s absolutely fine. We’re not going to be disqualifying any entries for things like that – go for whatever feels best for you :)

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