National MOC Challange: RESULTS!

We received over 20 entries for this year’s challenge. The photos and descriptions were passed on anonymously to our independent celebrity judge Ryan McNaught (aka Brickman – Australasia’s only Certified LEGO Professional), and the results are in!

Read below for his winning announcement:

“Some great entries and some very tough choices.

So my winner is the
lawn mower, not so much for its unique part, but it’s a cracker of a model and very original and unique.
Even with the highly limited part selection the builder nailed it, if you didn’t know what set the parts came from you would think the builder was not constrained. Excellent stuff.

Second place is the
preying mantis, again an excellent model (I’m guessing don’t sneeze on it or it will fall to bits!) it has real style. The part the builder chose is really obscure too which went well given the subject matter. Highly original.

I’d also like to give honourable mentions to the storm trooper, the crocodile and both birds.

A great contest and some awesome skills.

Thanks for letting me judge the competition more than happy to help out.




Congratulations to our winner Kerry for her Lawnmower, her prize is set 10233: Horizon Express (RRP $199).
And congratulations to our runner-up Centuri for his Robo-Mantis. Centuri’s prize is set 60008: Museum Break-in (RRP $109).

Well done to all those who entered. Keep an eye out for 2014’s challenge this time next year!
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2 thoughts on “National MOC Challange: RESULTS!”

  1. Thanks Sam for your help administering the competition. It was a lot of fun and I’m very impressed by the number of entries and the quality of the builds.

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