February LUG Competition: Design the CBS2014 exclusive set

It’s competition time again, and this time the challenge is to design the exclusive show set for the Christchurch brick show 2014!
Be original as you can, the only limitation is that the set must have a maximum of 80 parts. The competition is open to anyone in New Zealand, but since this model will be the Christchurch Brick Show exclusive model, the models will all be judged on several major factors as follows:

– Relevance to Christchurch, New Zealand, and/or the Christchurch Brick Show
– Ease of building the model for children
– Marketability
– Accessibility of parts (So it wouldn’t be wise to use a very rare part from 2007 that now costs $2+/piece)
– Must have no more than 80 parts (approx 50 is ideal)

The sole winner will receive the LUG copy of set 10243 Parisian Restaurant (built once), and will have their name recognized on the final set packaging/instructions.

To enter, post your picture (Can be linked to any external photo site – this should be possible for all entrants) and a small description as a reply to this page.
We encourage you to put your photo on Flickr, however this is not a necessary entry requirement.
All entries must be posted as a reply to this page no later than Midnight on Friday the 28th February

24 thoughts on “February LUG Competition: Design the CBS2014 exclusive set”

    1. Definitely two parts, as with Wheels and tyres also – if Lego lists them independently, they’ll be considered separate.
      Cheers for the question!

  1. I offer you my entry – one Christchurch Tram!
    (actually I offer two trams; with an explanation! )
    Photos to follow;

    Also, my daughter wanted to get in on the act, so I offer her entry too – one Christchurch Cathedral!
    Again, photos to follow.

    Just declaring our entries (in case anyone else has the same idea).

    1. As promised last night,

      My entry are as follows:

      1. Tramcar 11!


      Firstly, I include a couple of photos of ‘the real thing’, to enable a comparison of my creation.

      Firstly I built a normal scale model, intended to come in under 80 blocks. But for the window panes, ‘Tramcar 11’ would be under 80 blocks, and not an altogether bad rendition. [If per-chance this model is favoured, I’d happily remove the panes].

      Failing that, I might take this model through to a better rendition (i.e. more attention to detail) for my own lego-cave. If I do that, and per chance I win this little compeition, I would happily make the larger model available for display @ CBS2014.

      So I then set about making a smaller model:

      The 1/2 scale Tramcar 11 also uses fewer than 80 blocks (and many smaller blocks) ; and would merrily run on ‘4-wide’ lego tracks, if there were straight ones to be had!

      I have a label sheet containing labels both large and small, covering both Tramcars, which I can readily make available.
      In my models, I have merely stuck these on with double-sided tape. They could be printed onto a paper A4 label sheet, but pereferably a plasticised label sheet.

      On both the normal and 1/2-scale Tramcars, I have not made doors nor the overhead boom (is that what they call it?)
      The absence of doors do not detract – indeed, many older trams frequently ran with doors open – I would not have done doors any justice within the 80-block limit.
      And the booms – I could just about squeeze those on (within 80 blocks); however they don’t really add to the models.

      Whilst Tramcar 11 is my entry, my daughter’s entry is …

      2. Christchurch Cathedral!


      Ann, age 11, is entering a micro-model of an earthquake damaged Christchurch Cathedral.

  2. Hi guys, could you please view my entry at my flickr page ‘kiwibrix’, it’s the Christchurch cathedral in micro scale,I’ll post link soon

  3. My age is 12 by the way :)
    I’m so sorry KiwiLegoMeister, I hope you don’t mind I had the same idea as your daughter, her model looks great to :)

  4. My age is 12 by the way :)
    I’m so sorry KiwiLegoMeister, I hope you don’t mind I had the same idea as your daughter, her model looks great to :)
    Thanks guys

  5. I didn’t see a rule that limited it to one entry per person?

    The runways of Wigram Aerodrome in Christchurh, the site of the former Royal New Zealand Airforce base, were converted into a 3km long temporary raceway circuit. It was first raced in 1949 and competing for the Lady Wigram Trophy. The final race took place in the year 2000.
    Together with your vote we can bring this classic racing back to Wigram in Lego style!
    This 51 piece Lego 1950 race car comes complete with classically dressed racing driver (total bricklink parts cost around $6)

    (note, it would have nice to get hold of some smooth tyres but couldn’t get them in time before the deadline)


  6. Here’s my creation – a classic New Zealand icon – the kiwi.

    It’s made of 80 pieces and has the key characteristics of the kiwi, (long bill, tiny wings, short pale legs, and three toed feet with sharp claws). If this creation is chosen for the show, then I could also develop a cartoon fun fact sheet about the kiwi (to be included in the set?). Perhaps there could also be an opportunity to work with Christchurch’s Willowbank Wildlife Reserve on some sort of mutually beneficial marketing plug for their “Operation Nest Egg” Kiwi conservation work? Something I could investigate???

    PS – Ideally the dark red “collar” will be reddish brown to match the rest of the kiwi.

  7. Thanks for all the entires folks, the team now has some serious considering to do! We may shortlist a few of entries to enquire about part lists – but will have more information within the week.

  8. Hi all, just an update for those who are eagerly waiting – sorry this hasn’t come sooner. Unfortunately there has been a change in the way we have to go about producing show sets, which has caused a couple of issues.
    We have a couple of finalists and the two models have been put forward to the Lego Group for consideration. We will let you know when we have an update from them.

  9. Thanks for the update Sam, good luck to whoever those two are. by the way, is that your cathedral on trademe, I’m trying to convince mum to let me buy it with my savings :)

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