Mr. ReBrick visited the real Springfield

With the arrival of The Simpsons in the LEGO universe, a much neglected fact has to be brought back to the attention of all AFOLs and Simpsons fans alike. During Matt Groening’s visit to New Zealand back in 1988 he passed through the little city of Springfield, Canterbury. The local folks had and still have a deep obsession with donuts and had erected a monument for this sweet delight. Matt was deeply impressed with the dedication of the Springfielders and decided to a) name the city in which his upcoming TV Show would play “Springfield”, and b) let one of the main characters have an unhealthy affection for donuts. True story. Until today, a large donut is one of Springfield’s largest attraction.


And for all the non Kiwis, here is the location of the real Springfield on Google Streetview:

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