Christchurch Brick Show 2013

The Christchurch Brick Show will take place on July 20th-21st, 2013 at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand.


The show will exhibit amazing LEGO models for all age groups in the amazing new hangar of the Air Force Museum. Enthusiasts and collectors will show their designs, collections and contraptions. Children will also have the opportunity to go hands on with dedicated LEGO activities in a dedicated LEGO play area. We will have 1500 sqm of LEGO exhibition!

We are proud to announce that Ryan McNaught, Australia’s only LEGO Certified Professional, will be a key presenter at the 2013 LEGO show! One of his most famous creations is the 5 meter tall LEGO Saturn V Rocket you can see below. The rocket is the key exhibit at the show! Have a look at his other great creations on Flickr.

The Saturn V Rocket will be at CBS2013

Opening Hours

The Christchurch Brick show will be open 9am to 5pm on July 20 and 21, 2013.

Tickets & Entry Costs

The entrance fee will be 2 dollars for children and 4 dollars for adults. Entry fee will be collected at the front entrance upon entry. No reservation is necessary. Children aged two and younger are free.

On the Saturday evening we will be holding an Adult Fan Of Lego (AFOL) event for collectors, builders and designers. If that sounds like you, we invite you to join us! The fee for the event is $10 and includes a show bag. TFOL’s are also welcome, but keep in mind the event is aimed at an older audience. Please fill in the AFOL Registration form if you wish to come along.


The event will take place at the Air Force Museum, 45 Harvard Avenue, Wigram Park 8140.

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Exhibiting and private sellers

Registration for exhibitors and sellers is now closed.

Exhibitor Registration form.
Private Sellers Registration form

Exhibitors and sellers will be welcome to setup for the show on Friday July 19th, 2:00-6:00pm and Saturday July 20th, 7:00-09:00am.

For those that are need to make payments for the show, please do so to the BUG4/2 bank account, #38 9014 0103167 00 with Kiwibank.


We have a great team running the show, but will be requiring a lot of volunteers to help out over the weekend too!
Please contact our volunteer coordinator Jimmy Paton if you are able to help out.

Professional Sellers

Professional LEGO sellers are invited and encouraged to come along and set up at our show. You will be charged for the privilege – though this will be considered sponsorship, and we will do our best to support you and your business through the show. If you are interested, please email us at

Show Profits

the Christchurch Brick show is a non Profit Event. Some of the profits of the event will be donated to the Canterbury Earthquake Children’s Trust. Additional charities will be considered.

The Team

We have a great organizational team.

We are currently planning for the 2013 show, and more information will follow soon. Email us at and stay tuned to for the coming months to get involved. For all media contacts about our upcoming CBS2013 show call 021 320 810 or email


The Christchurch Brick Show is sponsored by:


We are looking for additional sponsors for the event. Please contact us at


The LEGO Group does not authorize or endorse this event.

We are changing the name from LABS (LEGO Annual Brick Show) to CBS (Christchurch Brick Show) due to a request from LEGO (The word LEGO is trademarked). However the LEGO Company continues to support the event.

33 thoughts on “Christchurch Brick Show 2013”

    1. Yes, it is the last weekend of the holidays, but we are currently negotiating with the Airforce Museum and might have to move the event to a weekend earlier.

  1. That would be great to be a weekend eariler to be away from calving. This way I know I will be there for the hole weekend. I dont think it will cut down on numbers turing up . Sing out if I can do anything from down south.

  2. Hi everyone!
    For those of you who aren’t already on the LUG4/2 Mailing list, just letting you know:
    We have our first planning meeting for the Christchurch Brick Show 2013 this Sunday (18 November) at Bush Inn Coffee Culture at 10am here in Christchurch. We’d love to have you along if you’re keen to be part of the 2013 organizational team :)

    Cheers, Sam

  3. Hiya, just curious if there was a tentative date in mind or is that one of the discussion points? I’m keen to come down from Wellington next year if everything lines up, have started a large MOC just in case! If the venue has WiFi (could someone ask on my behalf) I could consider bringing my Bricklink store down to the event which might help people chase a few elements.

    JimMini Bricks

  4. G’day James! We’ll hopefully have a confirmed date by the end of the month. At this stage, it’s almost confirmed to be 19th-21st July, but this is TBC.
    We’d absolutely love to have you come down!
    As for Wi-fi, we’ll definitely be trying to obtain it, but that will probably need to be confirmed in due course – It’d be great if we did, as it would be awesome to have a bricklink store at the show!

  5. A quick question, why are exhibitors being charged for registration? For many exhibitors the costs of simply getting to the event are our contribution – without us exhibitors all the show has is tables and chairs. Exhibitors are generally the main attraction – and therefore are the primary source of the shows success. It cost me close to $800 to exhibit last year, I know I was a part in raising thousands of dollars. Surely a $10 nametag is simply a way that Lug4/2 can show its appreciation for the huge contribution that axhibitors already make. Paying $10 isn’t a problem, the problem is the ethics behind it. Without exhibitors the shows earning would be considerably smaller, this needs to be weighed up properly. My 2 cents.

    1. Fair call man.
      I’ve actually just slightly changed the wording as I should have said ‘local’ rather than ‘domestic’.
      Only the Canterbury folk are being charged, and the primary reason for this is actually to get people to commit to coming and take it seriously, as this is something we struggled with last year. People coming in from out of Canterbury aren’t going to be charged – and we’re actually looking to hopefully be able to (at least partially) offset the costs of national and international exhibitors. But we’re still working though that side of things 😉
      Hope that helps,

      1. Haha, I read this the other day and was like Eh?? I’m sure it wasn’t worded that way when I wrote my comment… At this rate I will happily be paying my 10bucks anyway, Mel and I are are half way through purchasing a house in Chch, so from earlly next year I (hopefully) should be able to make meetings too, and even host them at times! :) Beers go up all around as we cheer!

  6. Just a quick note.

    As I’m off to AUS in 11 days, I nearly definately won’t make it to this show, unfortunately.

    Unless of course I find cheap flights/nicely paying part-time job, lol!

    I wish this lego community all the best!


    1. All good Tim, you will be more interested in the Melbourne Brick convention anyway 😉 Though we would love to have you here for another show in Chch. Wishing you and your family all the best in your cross-tasman adventures!

      1. Cheers, Thoy,

        Yeah, thst’s what’s likely to happen, but still, you never know what will happen, so I’l be keeping my eye on this :)

        P.S.- we arrived safely yesterday :)

    1. Heya Harry, At this stage we’re not confirmed on any previews or anything, but we’ll certainly be looking into it!

  7. I would love to come to this next year, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it this year.

    Living in AUS makes it hard to get there, but, oh, well…

    Have fun, guys and gals!

  8. Oh no! I didn’t know this was happening. Why didn’t somebody email me? I guess I’ll just have to be a member of public this year…

      1. Thanks mate, sorry I can’t get anything built in time. Hope you guys have a fun weekend though! I’ll try make it to a public day to catch up with you all.

          1. I actually changed my mind last week, decided I could build something small and Sam said there is space for me. So will be there all weekend after all :)

  9. All that time and work for just one weekend of the school hols! Would have attended with visiting nephews if it was extended to cover at least a week.

  10. Next year could it run for two weekends or maybe be advertised better I only found out about after it had finished and would have loved to have gone.

    1. I was at the show with our display and for me it was long enough. With all our expences we would no be able to afford to be there for a week. Everyone there were volunteers and didn’t get paid. We traveled from gore to be part of it. If you would like to come here we would love to show you our display. Many thanks and watch this site for next years event. We will be back.

      1. Our family exhibited for the 2nd year. We are from Dunedin. We sat there for 16 hours with a 6 year old & 9 year old talking to the public. For those exhibiting & helping, the weekend is a very long event as the exhibitors have to guard their precious displays from the thousands of tiny hands. The show was fantastic but if it was longer than a weekend all those exhibitors that traveled or have jobs besides playing with Lego just wouldn’t be able to be there.

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