The LEGO Annual Brick Show (LABS2012) will take place on July 14-15 in Christchurch. The event is sponsored by the University of Canterbury and it will take place at the Jack Mann Auditorium at 53 Solway Ave, Christchurch.

The show will exhibit amazing LEGO models for all age groups. Enthusiasts and collectors will show their designs, collections and contraptions. The theme for this years show is: REBUILD,  to support and get behind the rebuilding of Christchurch City. The exhibitors will include their visions of the future for Christchurch amongst a variety of wide-ranging other LEGO creations. Children will also have the opportunity to go hands on with dedicated LEGO activities in a dedicated LEGO play area.

Jack Mann Auditorium

Opening Hours

The opening hours for the show are:
Saturday July 14th: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday July 15th: 9:00am-5:00pm


The entry fee for the show is $2 for adults and $1 for children. Children one year and younger are free.


LABS2012 will take place at the Jack Mann Auditorium at 53 Solway Ave, Christchurch. Extensive parking places are available right in front of the building and the show is easily accessible.

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Please let us know if you want to exhibit at the show by filling in the form here. The cutoff date for exhibitors to sign up is 21st June. Exhibitors will be welcome to setup for the show on Friday July 13th, 4:00-6:00pm and Saturday July 14th, 8:00-10:00am.

This will be the most Southern LEGO show in the world ever! We hope to see you there.


Please email if you have any questions. You can also call Christoph Bartneck at 021320810.


LABS2012 is sponsored by:

Inside the brick

We are looking for additional sponsors for the event. Please contact us at


The LEGO Group does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this event.

59 thoughts on “LABS2012: REBUILD”

  1. This is awesome guys, looking forward to it. I’m advertising it around to call all the kiwis and Aussies that I know in the hopes to make this a great success.

  2. Excellent news! Leda, Tim, i look forward to to workiing alongside you in the future. Glad 2 see some proactive movement for the nz lego scene.

      1. I hope to do an exhibit. working on a 160×96 stud diorama at the moment which I should have ready in time.
        Yes it would great to all be in the same place making a mess with bricks haha. Leda you should head along to its basically the birth of nzs eurobrick forum :)

  3. I have a couple of questions – How much does it cost to display, and what time of the day is it on the 14th and 15th? I’m trying to find the right time for flights. Thanks!

  4. with my exhibit, does it have to be to the theme REBUILD? like can I do a scene based on when a Christchurch earthquake is happening? is that ok?

        1. It depends on what exactly you plan to do.. I wouldn’t rule it out, but be sensible. Obviously we don’t want a burning CTV building with bodies in it, but a model of a the damaged Cathedral could be done very nicely. Hopefully that gives a bit of an idea :)

  5. When is the cut off date for submitting our exhibit form?

    If I am going to build two things, do I fill out the form twice? Or lump it all together on one.

      1. G’day guys. We’re working on a Schedule now so I’ll try let you know the cutoff date as soon as it’s confirmed. As for filling out the form multiple times, the idea is that each Exhibitor will fill in the form once and give as much information as they can. The main purpose of the form is to gauge the number of exhibitors we will have, and get their contact details.

  6. I probably won’t be able to get anything built, but should be great seeing your exhibits and meeting you guys ^_^

  7. 3 large questions-

    1- how close will the public get to the displays? will they be able to see both sides?

    2- I am going to do 3 small displays. Can I have them displayed together, all with different display cards?

    3- will there be a lego shop at the place? what are the hands-on activities?


    1. The public will be able to be up fairly close, but you’re able to lay out your display away from the edges of the tables and look after it in whichever way you like – You’ll be able to position yourself behind your MOCs as you wish (More than welcome to have separate smaller displays). There are positions. We’ll also have people walking around to make sure nothing dodgy is happening. There are various options available with tables, you can chose what kind of area you have (up to you weather they see the back of your creation or not). At the moment it’s looking like there won’t be a Lego Shop, but we’ll hopefully have some decent prizes. Other things we’re looking at doing/getting include Speed building, Robotics, Earthquake simulator and a building area. Though some of those things are still being finalised :)

      1. ok, thanks for that! I was just wondering if I could put my 3 small builds into 1 large area, and they see both sides… Pity about the shop, it would be appreciated :)
        The events sound cool! :)

  8. Yep that’d certainly be no problem :)
    We haven’t ruled a store out yet, but its a bit difficult to organise. We’re doing what we can though!

    1. Ok, sweet!

      oh, and has anybody found any cheap flights down to Chch? The cheapest I can find are around $70…

        1. Tickets are booked for the way down! 😀

          If I was to present a creation down there, could I just stay for the day, and take it away at the end of the day? Please reply ASAP…

          1. Good stuff mate! We’d prefer that you stay for both days, but with enough warning we can just set something else up for the day you don’t want your space. So all should be fine :)
            Cheers, Sam

    2. oh, would they all have different placards? The public aren’t allowed to touch the LEgo, are they?

      1. The public will not be touching the Lego unless they are invited to by the exhibitor (In the case it is interactive or what-have-you). I will be in touch about Cards for MOC’s closer to the time, but yes, ou will have the chance for cards for individual MOC’s.
        Hope this helps!

      1. We would all be quite keen!
        It’s a matter of setting it up though. We’ve contacted a couple of potential sellers but things are still not confirmed. Private sellers (Say you guys had a set or two you wanted to sell) are openly invited!

  9. On reading the above comments, it sounds like the exhibitors are adult lego enthusiasts, can kids exhibit? I have an 8yr old who is a lego junky. He won the local part of the National Lego Competition this year and has already half finished his display for the conference.

    1. Hi Jacqui,
      Indeed, exhibition is focused towards AFOLs, but kids are more than welcome to exhibit also. The main thing is that we are keeping a standard for models being exhibited, so it will also depend on the nature of what he is building. That being said, it sounds like he has some pretty good prerequisites behind him for exhibiting :) though we may ask for some pictures before confirming his eligibility. Please fill in the exhibitor form, and we’ll be sure to be in touch :)
      The only other thing to be mentioned is that, given his age, we do request that he has a parent/guardian with him.

  10. I’ve been thinking about exhibiting a MOC at LABS 2012 but it’s a bit costly to travel down to Christchurch from Wellington. My MOC is too large to take on a plane and I’d be pretty concerned about how many extra loose pieces I’d have on arrival. I’m pretty new to the Lego Community so haven’t gotten to know many AFOL’s as yet. Has there been any Exhibitors sign up to the event who are traveling down from Wellington by car+ferry or is there anyone else thinking they might if they would be able to share a ride/costs. Will need to think about accommodation possibilities too. Has there been many exhibitors sign up already?

    On a side note I had an opportunity spend a bit of time with Jim Foulds of LEGO up here and saw several of the new Lord of the Rings sets… very cool, be cool to see if some sets could be shown off at LABS etc :)

    James :) / JiminiBrickIt

  11. Hey James!
    Indeed travel costs can definitely be a bit of a pain. I’ll let you know if I hear from anyone driving in from Wellington! We’re starting to get a good number of exhibitors, but there is definitely room for more, and we really hope to get as many people as possible on board!

    Thats awesome you got the chance to meet up with Jim! I was supposed to be flying to up Wellington to meet with him on Wedensday, But unfortunately my flight got cancelled due to the snow.
    We’re working with them at the moment to hopefully get something like that on display, But that’s still in early stages..


  12. My Dad is going to come down with me, to supervise, and he reckons we only need to stay for Friday (to set up), and Saturday. He reckons I will have seen everything and done everything on Saturday. If we leave after the show on Saturday, will I be missing out on anything on Sunday? Will there be different activities? Will there be prizes handed out? Cheers, Tim

  13. Dear Tim,
    Of course you you will have seen most of the show on Saturday, but that is only half of intention to exhibit. All the visitors on Sunday will want to see your models! Can you dissapoint them? If you need to cut down then I do recommend that you setup on Saturday morning and stay until Sunday late afternoon.

    1. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it works out best if we leave late Saturday afternoon, so I wont be around on Sunday… Flights are booked, yay!

  14. Hi there all. Apart from the show is there anything else happening for the AFOL. Are we aloud to take photos in the show?
    Many thanks and looking forward to it all

    1. Hey mate! Yep, the official fan event is happening after doors close on Saturday, Please RSVP here if you’re keen to come along to that :)
      Photos are fine as long as all credit due is given and no pictures are used without permission.

  15. Is this an event where you can come and go as you please or are there set times? My son would love to see this (and so would I!)

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