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If you are signing up for a Family Membership, please include details of family members in the notes section.

If you are signing up for multiple Adult or Child memberships. Please fill in this form multiple times.



Membership Options


Adult (AFOL)

18+ Only





• Ability to choose parts within LUGBulk

• Voting rights at the AGM and any special meetings

• Access to Lego’s special projects programme (subject to availability)

• Access to discounts

• Invitations to LUG Events

• Ability to purchase via LUGBulk

Child (CFOL)

Under 18





• Access to Lego’s special projects programme (subject to availability)

• Access to discounts

• Invitations to LUG Events



2 Adults and any of their children (up to 18years old)





• All those listed under Adult & Child

Associate Member



No Charge



• Invitations to LUG Monthly Events & Shows 

• Ability to purchase via LUGBulk



Membership period for Paid Members will run for one year from payment. Invoices for paid members will be issued with payment information when we receive your details.

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